The Photobook in Short Form

Penumbra Foundation, New York
September 5th – October 10th, 2018
Instructors: Jenia Fridlyand and Raymond Meeks

This class is offered to those interested in exploring the narrative and poetic potential of photographic images in book form. The objective of the course is not to give exhaustive expression to a completed body of work, but rather to work in short form “chapters” with in-depth consideration given to all aspects of book making in the process of creating a concise, self-consistent object. We will also examine possible strategies for future photobook projects and production.

Participants will begin by establishing a cohesive archive of their own photographs or vernacular/found imagery and engaging in editing and sequencing exercises.  Instructors will present meaningful examples of books that might offer insight and guidance into each participant's working process. Aided by in-class demonstrations and discussion, we will develop a concept for a maquette.  By the end of the five week course, each participant is expected to create a unique short-form photobook.

This class is developed in collaboration with the Penumbra Foundation.

The class is full.