All That Is Air Melts Into Books:
A Collaborative Photobook Workshop

Two Weekends
October 27 - 28 and November 10 - 11, 2018 (10 AM – 6 PM)
: Kevin Kunstadt and Nicholas Pollack
GUest Artist: John M. O’Toole

In 1974 Daido Moriyama famously produced a photo-book interactively in a gallery – asking visitors to select images, sequence them, and staple them together, into what would become the now highly collectible volume Another Country in New York. Image Threads, in collaboration with Penumbra Foundation and Baxter St at CCNY is excited to offer a new generative photobook workshop, loosely inspired by the spirit of this now classic bookmaking performance, but at the same time expanding further upon its process.

Participants of all skill levels, experience, and age, will gather at Penumbra in NYC to work collaboratively on creating a new and unique photo book together from scratch. Participants will make pictures for the book, simultaneously being pushed out of their photographic comfort zones through a series of rapid-fire creative exercises. They will be lead through the process of refining their picture making, honing in on a concept, developing an edit and sequence, and ultimately, refine the layout, design, printing, and binding of a finished limited edition book which they will take home.

The aim of the workshop is multifold: expanding participants photographic practices, developing visual literacy and editing/sequencing techniques, experiencing first hand what it takes to make a book from beginning to end, and most importantly, to have fun doing all of the above.

The workshop will be a collaborative group venture, but will be steered by Image Threads Collective organizers. Oranbeg Press founder, John M. O’Toole will make a guest appearance to bring his publishing expertise and further expand both the collaborative nature of the workshop, and the collective array of experience that will be at the disposal of the participants.

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This class is limited to 15 participants.

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