Photobook Donations for Fototeca de Cuba


In 2017, Image Threads established a photobook library in Havana housed in the Fototeca de Cuba. Through the generosity of many contributors, we have been able to bring more than 200 titles to Havana so far, but we continue to seek donations to keep expanding the library.

The collection is open to the entire Havana photo community – with the aim of making a broad range of photographic works accessible there for the first time, in the form of the physical printed book.

For those interested in helping out: we welcome gifts of all types of photobooks and photo-zines, as well as monetary donations – which are tax-deductible – to be applied toward shipping expenses (to ship books to those who are kind enough to transport them). 

Please email for additional information, or to coordinate a donation.

About Fototeca
The Fototeca de Cuba was created in 1986 to preserve, study and promote the country’s photographic patrimony and create a space for the promotion of international photography. The Fototeca is an archive with a vast and valuable collection of documents; it is also a museum with the widest and most valuable collection of Cuban photography known and it functions as a gallery with rooms for temporary exhibitions in which works that do not belong to the permanent collection are generally exhibited. Another important function of the Fototeca is its educational role. The institution regularly holds conferences, courses and workshops – both practical and theoretical – on a national level but also sometimes with foreign guests. The Fototeca is responsible for promoting Cuban photography abroad while at the same time putting the Cuban public in contact with photography from other countries. Finally, it is important to highlight the Fototeca’s work in the promotion of young talent both within and outside the country, its support for the development of national photography, its support for national and provincial events and its awarding of prizes in photography competitions held in Cuba.